Top 10 Upcoming Games of 2020

It’s time to leave a horrid 2020 behind and cast our mind toward the new games on offer in 2021. With new hardware to work with, new studios popping up out of nowhere and new IPs vying to be the next big thing in gaming. So buckle up as we race towards 2021 at full speed. Here are our top ten games coming in 2021.

10. Deathloop

We kick off proceedings with a title produced by the game studio behind the Dishonored series. This one will be a timed PlayStation exclusive that will see you take control of Colt, an assassin stuck in a time loop. This game has you attend a party and you’ll have to work out a way to take out all eight targets in one night before the time loops once again.

It combines all the stealth, combat and open level design of Dishonored. Yet offers a unique twist that we have only truly seen in the much-loved indie title The Outer Wilds. It’s an intriguing prospect and one that we hope captures all the things that we loved about the Dishonored series all those years ago. Keep this one on your radar.

9. Farcry 6

Next up we have the open-world Goliath that is Farcry. Ubisoft is known for their ability to create intricate and atmospheric open worlds and the Farcry series is perhaps their best vehicle for this. The series is known for its maniacal villains, explorative design and fun, sandbox gameplay. So we can only assume that we will see this kind of quality once again.

This iteration will take place on the fictional Caribbean island of Yara, feature cameo appearances from big names such as Giancarlo Esposito of Breaking Bad fame. Plus, the title will offer a gripping and controversial story that will have players glued to their gaming chairs long into the early hours of the morning. If you love the Farcry series, then get ready for more of the same.

8. Hitman 3

Our favourite bald-headed assassin returns in another sandbox espionage epic that is sure to blow us away all over again. This game will be the eighth overall outing in the series but will round off the trilogy of global location based titles. This one will see Agent 47 travel to destinations such as Dartmoor, Berlin and Dubai to name a few. Plus, if you have been following the trilogy so far. You can rest assured that each level will have hours and hours of fun to be had before you feel truly ready to tackle the next.

We have bared witnessed to some of the best sandbox assassination missions the gaming community has ever seen in the past few years. So with that in mind, we would wager that the final iteration of this trilogy will go out with a bang. Be sure to keep this one on your watch list for 2021.

7. Resident Evil: Village

Resident Evil as a series has had its ups and downs. With most of the downs being in the last decade. However, thanks to the revival in the form of Resident Evil 7, we have seen the series return to its creepy survival horror roots. So it seems Capcom is doubling down on this with a game that looks even more unsettling and bone-chilling than the last.

This story will follow the events of Resident Evil: Biohazard as we follow Ethan once again. Sadly for poor Ethan, it seems things are going to take a turn for the worse once again. You’ll have to guide him through the spooky European village, uncover the secrets of the area and try to escape the nightmares that lay within. Pretty simply right? So if you want to scare the pants off yourself in 2021, we can’t think of a better candidate for the job.

6. Returnal

Next up, we have another Playstation exclusive that looks to right all the wrongs of critically panned flop Anthem. Returnal is a third-person sci-fi shooter that will have the player try and escape a foreign planet with a whole bunch of alien nasties waiting to stop you in your tracks. However, if they do, don’t worry, because this game will have you stuck in an infinite time loop as well. It really seems that The Outer Wilds left quite a mark on gaming culture.

This one looks visually breathtaking, looks set to offer some refined combat, thrilling boss battles and on open world that’s begging to be explored. If you’re seeking a thrill this coming year, Returnal is well worth the price of admission.

5. Hogwarts Legacy

Attention, Potter fans, you finally have a new game on the way and it isn’t a licenced movie tie-in. We know, pretty shocking, right? Hogwarts: Legacy looks set to offer players a personal experience that steps away from the popular story told in the books and films. Instead, you’ll be able to carve out your own story, explore the grounds, play quidditch for whatever house that you choose and ultimately, live the life you would have done if that letter from Hogwarts actually arrived at your door. You just can’t trust the owl postal service these days.

From first impressions, it seems that the developers have captured the magic of the series. The visuals are on points, the gameplay looks interesting from what little we have seen. Plus, JK Rowling isn’t involved at all, which is probably best considering all that’s happened with her in 2020. This one a love letter to Potter fans and could easily take 2021 by storm.

4. Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

Now we have the return of Playstation royalty. Fresh off the back of their remake and movie tie-in back in 2016, the dynamic duo are back in an interdimensional adventure with all the parts necessary to make it a timeless platforming title. After seeing what titles like Crash 4: It’s About Time and Astro’s Playroom could do, we can only imagine that the Insomniac guys will step up to the plate and knock it out of the park.

This one will see you traverse across many different worlds, various alternate realities, all in the hope of stopping an evil emperor from deconstructing the whole fabric of the universe. So no pressure then. This one has shown us glimpses of the new mechanics and world design that we have in store for us but we are hungry for more. This one should be near the top of every gamers most wanted list so be sure to check it out.

3. Halo: Infinite

It wouldn’t be a new gaming generation without a visit from ol’ Master Chief, now would it? Halo Infinite is the next chapter in the Halo story and will continue to reclaimer saga and will have you face off against the Banished, an enemy group we seen in Halo Wars 2.

This game will offer more of the quintessential Halo FPS gameplay that we know and love. It will offer a solo campaign well worth sinking your teeth into. Plus, this game will be free for Game Pass subscribers, so you have no excuse not to give this one a try. Be sure to join Master Chief once again when this one drops in 2021.

2. Horizon: Forbidden West

In at runner up, we have the follow on from the incredible Playstation exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn. In this adventure, you’ll take control of Aloy once again as you embark on a brand new adventure across a beautiful, fresh open world in search of the cause of a plague which is killing off her tribe.

This game will offer a much more diverse eco-system with dynamic weather effects, enhance the already stupendous combat mechanics with the help of the Dualsense controller. Plus, the new hardware has brought the visuals up to brand new level of excellence. If you liked what you seen in the last outing, we assure you, this us a must play.

1. God of War II: Ragnarok

Then lastly, in at the top spot we have Kratos and the boy. It’s God of War II: Ragnarok, of course. This title will follow the events of the 2016 outing, with the story set to focus more heavily on the story of Atreus. Although we haven’t heard or seen much regarding this release, it has still earned its place at the top of it’s list on merit alone. This game has all the makings of a nailed-on game of the year contender.

The story will almost certainly be compelling. The puzzles, world design, characters, combat and quest lines will surely be incredible. Plus, if fan theories are anything to go by, we are likely to see a few major twists throughout the campaign of this one. So if you want a gaming experience like no other in 2021, God of War: Ragnarok is undoubtedly the odds on favourite.

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